The more one seeks solace in the virtual life, the more one feels trapped in the real life. Virtual life seems perfect. Good friends, Constant motivation, So much optimism and other lovey dovey happy things. Slowly real life seems suffocating. Real life as the name suggests is Real. The amount of sadness is equal to the amount of happiness. But our virtual identities refuse to accept this fact. We refuse to believe that there is something called sadness and grief. The more we live on the internet the more we loose the touch of human emotions. But at the end of the day, everyone we know on internet will return to their real lives. Everyone will eventually realize we cannot live online forever. Everyone will suffer a hard reality of real life. By the time we realize it, its too late. Too late that even though we have people around us, we feel alone. Trapped inside our heads. Can’t believe the fact that real life exists. The sooner one realises it, the better would be his transition from virtual to real life. Remember internet was to facilitate our real life and not obviate it.


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