Why Read?

Reading has been my life long enemy. It takes a lot of energy to finish a book or even a ten line poem. But, lately I have been reading a lot and this are few reasons why everyone who wants to write should read

1. As a writer you want others to read your work, wouldn’t it be same for others whose work you are avoiding? Be the change you want to see in others. Read if you want to get read.

2. It gives diversity to your thought process. You are able to think outside your comfort zone.

3. You easily start getting prompts to write more. You read a line and your muse just connects and says “hey I can write about this”

4. You build good relationships with fellow writers. You may not talk or be friends but there would be a mutual sense of respect for each other.

5. Last and most important, you LEARN alot. Vocabulary, structure, grammar, punctuation, form etc. Reading is learning


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