I wish some things would had never happened in my life. I wish I would had never committed some of those mistakes. I wish I had reacted in certain situations better. I wish I had some control over my emotions. I wish, I wish and I keep on wishing but then I just accept everything.

I accept all my flaws. I accept that I suck at few things. I accept that there are many things which I could had done better but darn! I messed them up. I accept everything because this is what makes me “Me”.

All my flaws, my mistakes, my bad experiences, my stupid reactions, my irrelevant statements. All these patches make my life beautiful. I cannot imagine myself without all these broken lines of fate.

This is me, many have accepted me as I am and many have blatantly rejected me. But, at the end of the day, I have accepted myself with all my shortcomings and that’s all that matters. Period.


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