Drafts and Writers Block

We all have those times when we aren’t able to write anything or whatever we write we are not satisfied with it. Sometimes we would type and our inspiration would go in the middle of the poem, Sometimes we won’t be able to find the end of the poem and sometimes after two or three lines we would go blank. The best thing in such situation and is such phase is to not stop writing. Yes, do no stop writing. Just write whatever inspiration that comes and save those things in draft. Be it one line, two lines, or an almost finished poem just save those things in your drafts and go back to them when your words start to flow again. This will do two things for you.

1. When you will read them again after a long time you will immediately pick upon it and finish it up. This is because those things came to your mind at first but it was just your muse wasn’t behaving but now since you have started to write again, you will have a prompt on your platter, you just need to build upon it.

2. You will not lose the inspiration you had. Many times some ideas come across our minds only once and if we don’t document them we never have that inspiration again. By saving your works in your draft you are capturing the idea and saving it in a safe place. Thus, you can always have the arsenal in your stores and you can fire it when the right time comes instead of losing it altogehter.

I hope this helps


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