We Do Move On

Many times we are faced with things and situations which make us choose between leaving something and sticking to it. Be it people, be it things, be it your dreams or anything. The decision itself is difficult but the phase after it is more difficult. Decisions can be made within a burst of an impulse but the consequences are the ones which are difficult to handle.

Often times we think, we cannot move on. We think this pain is too much, there is no relief. We think we will forever live with this hurtful feelings. Nothing is going to change. We miss the things we left behind. We miss “being left behind”. We feel sick to our stomach for days, for months and ever for years. We are just not able to move on.

But wait, are we not able to move on OR are we not ready to move on? Many times, in fact, most of the times we cling to our pasts, the memories, the hurtful feelings and we stick to them. We don’t want to leave them. Yes, we say we want to move on but deep down we still dwell into the scenario where we were hurt. We keep on remembering those hurtful things and we co relate every thing around us, which is in the present or in the future, with those past memories. Sometimes we remain in those situations and do not step out of them and then we wonder why are we not able to move on?

Time doesn’t heal, it is just we forget things. Forget those memories and people and then we only get hurt when we remember the past again. So why bother remembering it at the first place? Forget it. Accept and forget whatever happened. It is hard to forget at first but once we stop to dwell in our memories it is easy to forget things.

If we can just accept the situation and make ourselves believe that “Yes, it happened and I can do nothing about it.” then we can move on but our attitude is “Why this happened to me?”. To be honest, there is not answer to this why and the more you ask yourself this question the harder it would be for you to move on in life. But, once you sincerely decide to move on, forgetting all the cravings of feeling hurt and sad, you will easily move on.


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