Day 11 : Book of Life

January 11 : This is your life 
If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

Disclaimer : work of fiction.

Torn pages of a worn out book,
and a cover that cannot stay put.

I wish I could read, I wish I could know,
what actually was meant to be written in this book

without any hope, I flip pages after pages,
trying to find some meaningful words,
but all I could find is, a lot of blank pages.

some smeared ink and thousands of incomplete sentences

drops of shunned screams and blots of hushed agony
broken lines of hopes and margins of forgotten dreams,

I sit and wonder, why is this thing so depressing?
but then, all of sudden, the reason hits me,
I realize, this is how this book was supposed to be,
for this is, after all, the true story of my aimless life.



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