Day 13 : Just a dream

January 13 Clean slate : Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who isthe person who lives there?

What is this strange place?
with the colors falling off the walls
a stack of clothes, wrappers lying everywhere,
the bedsheet has been full of stains
as if there had been a murder on it
a noisy laptop is lying on the floor
it seems, it has been powered on since eternity
worn out books occupy the little space
beneath the broken timber bed

who can live here in such a dirty hell
a person who has no will to live? or
for lack of better words, a zombie?
maybe the one who lived here abandoned this place
for the place seems so haunting and lonely

and then from out of no where
someone taps on my shoulders, making me scared,
I look around and I am taken aback,
a wrinkled old man with red burning eyes,
staring at me, as if asking me about my intrusion,
he comes forward and points his gun at me

BANG!! and I wake up with a scream
Oh, it was just a dream but then I realized
my bedroom is the same place I saw in my dreams
maybe the old man was actually me?
So many questions rush through my brain
but then, I take a deep breathe and just go back to sleep,
for it was all just a dream, it was all just a dream.


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