Day 26 : Good Riddance {Unpopular Opinion}

January 26 Musical : What role does music play in your life?

There was a time,
when my ears had become one
with my earphones buds,
between notes and hums,
I spent my day, my nights.
like blood running constantly,
the sound passed through my veins
reaching every organ of my body
controlling every reaction I displayed
each beat made me palpitate,
till I became a slave, an addict.
till it became a pain for me,
a source of constant stress and mood swings,
the more I heard it, the more it made me mad,
angry, frustrated, annoyed, irritated,
as if I was possessed by some evil spirit
so I stopped, deleted the 100’s of GB I had,
it pained a lot, to see all of the data get destroyed,
but ever since, I have felt alive, reincarnated,
for all the filth that had consumed my heart,
I had finally shed it, got rid of it,
made myself free, free from the prison,
of notes, sounds and beats,
away from all the nuisance and vulgarity,
Looking back all of those years,
the only thing I remember is
the title of one of my favorite songs
which describes everything I feel
about music in my life;
“Good Riddance”.
for Music might be life for someone,
but for me it was a dreadful poison.


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