Day 32 : Flangiprop

February 1  ; Flangiprop! Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.

flangiprop : flangiprop refers depression post a failed attempt of suicide.

she wanted to escape this trauma
but she slid into deeper depths of it
she had given all she could
to gather the courage to slide the blade
across her numb trembling wrists
with a screech, so loud, she cut through,
like a volcano suddenly erupting
her blood burst through the cut veins
in all of this pain she smiled
for she tought she would finally escape
this traumatizing event called life
but, her fate had some other calculations,
in a state of shock she found herself alive
on a hospital bed, in an intesive care unit,
this is not the place she wanted to end up to,
it is as if her fears didn’t want her to leave
for when she was healed, they came back to seek revenge,
her room became darker than before,
the nightmares became scarier and frequent,
in her attempt to escape reality,
to free herself from this endless pain,
she fell into the abyss of flangipropiness,
helpless and defeated, with no way to escape anymore.


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