Day 39 : The day of terror

February 8 : Karma chameleon :Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

Promised to us humans,
is the day of Resurrection,
the day when the accounts will be settled,
from dust, bones, ashes and no matter,
what form a man would had been decomposed,
he will be recomposed into one body,
the way he was while he was alive.

in front of his Lord he will appear,
trembling like a baby lamb,
for his books of deeds would be wide open,
all the deeds he did on the earth,
will appear one by one, whether public or hidden,
not a single detail would be left out,

how terrifying the atmosphere would be,
when the liar wouldn’t be able to lie,
the oppressor wouldn’t be able to oppress,
every soul shall taste the outcome of his sins,
every soul shall find his final abode,
a place where he shall live forever,

what a day it would be, full of terror,
but only for those who wronged their own souls,
for the one who lived upon the commandments of his lord,
shall find a place of rest,
that no eyes have seen,
no ears have heard of and no mind has thought of,
how beautiful will be the reward of those who were righteous,
of those who feared their Lord.


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