About Me

It is about time that I write an About me.


For now, I would rather stay Anonymous than give out my name. I have few reasons behind it but those are not important. As for me, I am a guy from India, in his mid 20’s. I am a Mechanical Engineer but I am more into the creative side of life than the mundane technical side.

I usually write sad poems because I love the raw emotions it brings out and the way it moves people. Most of my works are pure fiction and has nothing to do with me. However, sometimes I do like to add some parts of my life in my poems because like everyone I do need a source to vent out.

I am not thinking of publishing any books or so because I have yet to learn a lot and by the time I will learn things I think I would be too old and bedridden lol.

Currently, I am doing a 365 days writing challenge I got from WordPress Daily Post (which is a fun site) and almost all my concentration goes to that one single post. However, I do post other stuffs when I feel it.

Thanks for reading. I hope you can enjoy my attempts of poetry.

Please drop by a message to me here in the comments or @ muselesspoet@gmail.com



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