Pieces fallen one by one
Of her shattered heart
Between hopes and happiness
She lost everything she had
A long kept promise was finally broken
Together to grow old was their wish
But he ran a bit ahead of time
While she sleeps alone sobbing on her bed
He rests peacefully inside his coffin.


Describing Her

Tangled between emotions
Her feelings ignite the passion
The soft melody of her breathe
Melts in the warmth of her hug
A feeling of eternal bliss
Her love pouring down like heavy rain
Wetting every dry inch of the heart.
Sprouting on the wretched soul,
Songs of harmony and love.
A breeze of freshness she is,
An unexpected drizzle of delight,
How many more wonderful things she is,
it is just so hard to describe.

a new story

her feathers plucked away
without flight, without life,
she lay traumatized, looking up the sky,
wondering about “what’s next?”

his eyes fell upon her;
Naked, blooded, alone
with a gentle nudge
he offered his warm jacket

for a moment, everything stopped,

and then… a new story began..

Day 41 : The Wrong Class

February 10 Teachable moment You have to learn a new skill. Do you prefer to read about it, watch someone else do it, hear someone describe it, or try it yourself?

I never knew “What love was?”
until we became close friends,
those long phone calls piling up my bill,
those endless conversations in the coffee shop,
everything seemed so innocent, so pure,
unaware of the turmoil in my heart,
you had share all your secrets with me,
how beautiful you looked with those tears in your eyes,
your sparkling teeth when you laughed out loud,
everything about you was just so perfect,

I never knew “What a heartbreak is?”
until I proposed you, shed my feelings in front of you,
that look on your face of shock and disgust,
your empty eyes staring at me, as if interogating me,
my love; a breach of trust it was for you,
even that day, you had tears in your eyes,
but it didn’t make you look beautiful anymore,
for my eyes were wet and everything looked so hazy,
I didn’t knew, a confession would end our relation,
for had I known the consequences, I would had stayed quiet,
in my heart would had burned forever the desires,

I realized my mistake bit too late,
for now, my phone bills are nothing more than monthly charges,
the sips of coffee hardly last for a minute too long,
everything now seems just so dull and mundane,
in a flash, within few minutes, everything was just lost,
I thought I had learned “What is love?”,
but I guess, I had enrolled in the wrong class.

Day 35 : So Soon

February 4 Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes You need to make a major change in your life. Do you make it all at once, cold turkey style, or incrementally?

When you first saw him,
you knew he was the one for you,
a white Mercedes and an Armani suit,
Ray-Ban on his eyes, perfectly combed hairs,
you fell for me and I could see it in your eyes,
the delight of his looks and money,
had made you fall in love with him instantly,
while, we still went around together,
with you holding my hands as we walked through,
your mind was occupied by him, I could tell that
with your empty nods to my senseless talks,
your sudden reactions to my random snaps,
it was all slowly falling apart, in front of my eyes,
I could see you drifting away from me,
putting aside all the love I was showering upon you,
you needed more than just hollow promises,
you needed more than just warm hugs,
for all the glitter of the dough had blinded you,
for your love for riches stomped over my love for you,
it was only inevitable that one day when I’ll wake up,
I won’t see you sleeping beside me,
but I didn’t knew, that one day,
will come so soon.

January 28 : Small Child

January 28 :  Ode to a playground A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

When I used to feel scared
I used to run towards her
hugging her very tight,
sharing with her my fears,
she used to carress my hairs,
and used to tell me “everything is okay”
lifting me up in her arms
singing me sweet lullabies
about heroes and angels,
making me feel so comfortable.

Now she has grown old
and so have I stretched in size
for her I maybe still the same little child,
I, for a few moments, forget about my age,
I hug her like I used to when I was a child,
but more gently for I am afraid
her weak bones won’t able to bear the strain,
for her I maybe still the same little child,
I, for a few moments, forget about my age,

but, then I realize,
she cannot carry me in her arms anymore,
but, then I realize,
for her love I have grown far too old,
but, then I realize,
the truth of the time and sadness of my life
I wish I could shrink in size,
so I could fit in her arms,
I wish I could go back in time
and listen to her beautiful voice
I wish I never grew up
for no matter how much I care for her
I would never be able to pay back
all that love she gave to me
when I was a small child,
afraid of the world.



I somehow know
We will be together someday
But for now, I’ll not think this way
Because every time I do
I yearn more to be close to you
And each time I feel this way
This distance between us
Makes my heart sink a bit more.

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