What is the value of Human life?
For selfish interests of few,
Millions of lives are sacrificed.
In the name of Religion and
In the name of World Peace;
In the name of Countering Terrorists and
In the name keeping safe the boundaries
All of it is alike, all of it is a crime,
For millions of children till now
Have been massacred,
What harm did they cause?
For millions of women till now
Have been raped and killed,
What chauvinism have you proved? 
Different names they wrap around
These inhumane acts of destruction
But they all lead to a similar end.
What have they achieved with power?
What have they achieved with Money?
What is the value of Human life?
Is there any answer to it?


Day 36 : Piece of Plastic

February 5 : Call me, maybe Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your life-line, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

I keep getting advised
to come out and see real life,
for all my time is dedicated to this device
making me ignore everything around
such a nuisance it is for others
for I give it more importance than humans
but, little do they know why I do so,
an escape from reality it is for me,
from all the pain and suffering around me,
an escape from the selfishness and ungratefulness
of all the people, I once, so dearly loved,
for the time and the people, both have changed,
but this piece of plastic has remained the same.

PS : My life is not really like this, but the prompt was too lame to write a poetry upon it lol

Day 26 : Good Riddance {Unpopular Opinion}

January 26 Musical : What role does music play in your life?

There was a time,
when my ears had become one
with my earphones buds,
between notes and hums,
I spent my day, my nights.
like blood running constantly,
the sound passed through my veins
reaching every organ of my body
controlling every reaction I displayed
each beat made me palpitate,
till I became a slave, an addict.
till it became a pain for me,
a source of constant stress and mood swings,
the more I heard it, the more it made me mad,
angry, frustrated, annoyed, irritated,
as if I was possessed by some evil spirit
so I stopped, deleted the 100’s of GB I had,
it pained a lot, to see all of the data get destroyed,
but ever since, I have felt alive, reincarnated,
for all the filth that had consumed my heart,
I had finally shed it, got rid of it,
made myself free, free from the prison,
of notes, sounds and beats,
away from all the nuisance and vulgarity,
Looking back all of those years,
the only thing I remember is
the title of one of my favorite songs
which describes everything I feel
about music in my life;
“Good Riddance”.
for Music might be life for someone,
but for me it was a dreadful poison.

January 19 : My Prized Possession

January 19 Apply yourself :Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.

When I first heard about you
I was excited but scared at the same time
it often made me smile randomly
when I thought how soon,
inside me there would take shape
yet another heart, small and tender.
Days passed and you slowly grew,
I could feel your existence inside me,
that heaviness near my waist
those never ending back pains and
endless sleepless night throwing up
it was all worth it, yes, every bit of it,
for I knew your one look would ease it all,
your gentle kicks used to hurt a lot,
you wanted to break free too,
so was I, so eager to hold you in my arms,
and then you couldn’t take it anymore
you begun to fight me in the inside
searching for a space, a door, an escape,
to free yourself from this liquid cage,
so you did what you did and you found your way,
it took me all my life’s courage to stay put,
to stay conscious and bear this unbearable pain,
you had a hard time and so did I,
but in the end it was all worth it,
you made me experience all kinds of things,
but never for once did I complain,
for I knew, when I’ll see you for the first time,
all of this pain and suffering would just mean nothing,
so beautiful, so gentle, so; so many things,
it is so hard to describe, how beautiful you are,
my beloved daughter; a piece of mine
my most prized possession.

Random thoughts

We live in a society where people constantly make us feel bad about whatever we do and this, I guess, is the reason we never appreciate things we do. We never like our poems. We never like the way we look. We never like the way we talk, walk etc etc. Unless and Until, we don’t value ourselves, we will never feel good about ourselves.


Why should I compare myself with you
when your words have different meanings
when your heart beats at different beat
How long have I lived in your shadow?
thriving to shine like you, high, up and above,
while completely ignoring my flickering light,
flickering because of my lack of care and validation,
Why should I be depressed seeing your success
when our ladders to climb above are different
when our destinations and the roads we took are different
How long have I taken to realize this?