Cold breaths erupt from the heavy heart
Weight of the world lies upon the shoulder
Million and one things tire the little brain

Blank faces show volumes of feelings
So much of open space around
Yet the world seems so constrained

on pieces of broken glass
falls beams of dreams
scattering all around the place,
searching for a crevice to dwell.


One clue

Lonely nights never pained so much
As they do now, with each passing night, the shadows fades away into the darkness
As the sleepless eyes keeps on searching
For one clue of you, for one clue of happiness….

My blog is almost dead, like the stats are at their rock bottom. But, yeah I am too busy and it doesnt really matter. I am just logging in and posting my 365 days thingy and then closing off my browser. Occassionally I do log in and read the few blogs I follow. So yeah, if you have a like spam then it is me who just read your latest entries all at once.