Day 45 : Mom & Dad

February 14 Cupid’s arrow It’sValentine’sDay sowriteanodetosomeoneorsomething you love. Bonus points for poetry

Everything I want to say
I will never be able to,
For when I am in front of you two
Your love overpowers my feeble feelings
No matter what I may do,
No matter what I may say,
Your one loving gaze at me
Will weigh heavier if put on the scales
It is so strange the way you kill your joys
You shun your wishes and desires
All of it so that I could smile
What good did I do to deserve both of you?
Amid the billions of blessings I am surrounded with,
All praise Be to the merciful Lord,
You both are the most precious one,
How can I write something for you both
For I don’t think my shallow words are befitting your praise
On this silly Valentine’s day,
Where people ignore their roots (parents)
Running behind temporary relationships,
All I want to say is that I love you mom and dad….