Self Doubt

Through mediocrity and self doubts,
Vandalism of our own true self,
Through the judgemental eyes,
Self inflicted humiliation and defeat,
It is a story everyone lives from within;
Only few of them escape,
Rising above every self limiting,
Energy draining, negative thought,
No audience, no panel of judges,
Amidst a dead, pin drop silence,
Applauding their own piece of art.


Day 25 : Gone

January 25 Dearly departed : Write your own eulogy.

So you are gone,
far away from this world,
in a place much better than this,
you never meant anything, to anyone,
so not many people would had noticed,
your sudden absence from around us,
for your absence is as good as your presence,
no one ever feels it
but this is what you always wanted
to be away from people, in an isolated place,
away from every expression of emotion,
for your fears resided in your own reflections,
running away from people so that you remain undiscovered,
you had your share of joys and sorrows,
you made people smile when you could,
but then, you stepped back from the scene,
no one ever knew what happened to you,
but you were gone, no where to be found,
and today, you have gone a bit further,
now, no chance to see you around.
however you may have lead your life,
you had your little clique you loved,
and maybe if no one ever expresses it,
but, we, always have missed you
and now we will miss you even more.