the feeling of hollowness,
flowing through the blood.
resonance of a palpitating heart,
striking in the empty body shell.
fear gushing through the vein,
choking every cell of hope.
in the darkness of a brightly-lit room,
continues the vain search for life.


Self Doubt

Through mediocrity and self doubts,
Vandalism of our own true self,
Through the judgemental eyes,
Self inflicted humiliation and defeat,
It is a story everyone lives from within;
Only few of them escape,
Rising above every self limiting,
Energy draining, negative thought,
No audience, no panel of judges,
Amidst a dead, pin drop silence,
Applauding their own piece of art.

Day 43 : One Fine Day

February 12 : All about you : Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

When sadness consumes you,
your eyes become blind to happiness around you,
in pain and suffering you live,
with each passing day, you die a little bit more,
each morning sun ray, makes your body decay a bit more,
for in a state of grief you are drowned,
burdened by the shadows of the past,
regretting the mistakes that bite your conscious,
sucking every last bit of life from your soul….

in a need to break free, in a need to free myself,
in search for an escape, spilling everything I have held back,
in an attempt to live again, feel my heartbeat again,
I have embarked upon this journey of my own
a never ending travel, for now it seems,
but I strongly believe that one fine day,
my outside will truly reflect my inside,
one fine day, my heart would laugh,
without faking a moment of joy,
one fine day, I will come out of this pain,
I will come out of this vicious fire of my Melancholy.

Day 33 : The Ozone Layer

February 2 Think global, act local : “Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

“There is a hole in the ozone layer” they say
a reason for the increase in temperature
a reason for the melting of the polar ice
for the destruction of mother nature
while everyone is worried about the earth
I find a strange similarity in all of these problems
there is a hole of emptiness in my life
a reason for the increase in agony
a reason for the melting of my broken heart
for the destruction of my will to live
while everyone is worried about the earth
I find a strange comfort in seeing it getting destroyed
just like me, bit by bit, day by day,
waiting for that one day,
when we both will cease to exist.