Pieces fallen one by one
Of her shattered heart
Between hopes and happiness
She lost everything she had
A long kept promise was finally broken
Together to grow old was their wish
But he ran a bit ahead of time
While she sleeps alone sobbing on her bed
He rests peacefully inside his coffin.


Day 40 : Cycle of life

February 9 Childhood revisted Sure,you turned out pretty good,but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?

An innocent journey it is
When we first start to crawl
Those surprising moments
When we see things for the first time
That care and love of our parents
With a sense of security and solace
The world seems such a peaceful place

Slowly but surely our clothes become small
The things which made us excited look exciting no more
Same old rooms, same old sun and the moon,
Everything starts to look mundane and dull

Few years pass by and we begin falling in love
Those shy stares and secret gazes,
A heavily pumping heart and sweaty palms
With few sleepless nights, a heart break and a lot of tears,
We grow out through this phase too,

While we are still wondering about the future
We graduate and get placed in a high paying job
13 hours a day toiling hard and living a monotonous life
No joy, no adventure, just a boring job,
Whilst we notice the first grey hair,
We celebrate our first wedding anniversary, how did all of this happen so fast, we wonder?

Lost in thoughts we are snapped back to reality
With the loud wailing of our first child
As we see him grow we get reminded of those lovely days
When we found excitement seeing the sun slowly coloring the sky
What a beautiful phase of life that was,
Reminiscing all those pleasant memories we sigh,

Soon our child would grow just like we do,
As we’ll watch all thks from a corner
Resting all day in our rocking arm chair, Waiting for the day we’ll be wrapped in our shroud
Away from all the people we love
To a place where there would be no light to see anymore.

Day 33 : The Ozone Layer

February 2 Think global, act local : “Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

“There is a hole in the ozone layer” they say
a reason for the increase in temperature
a reason for the melting of the polar ice
for the destruction of mother nature
while everyone is worried about the earth
I find a strange similarity in all of these problems
there is a hole of emptiness in my life
a reason for the increase in agony
a reason for the melting of my broken heart
for the destruction of my will to live
while everyone is worried about the earth
I find a strange comfort in seeing it getting destroyed
just like me, bit by bit, day by day,
waiting for that one day,
when we both will cease to exist.


Day 13 : Just a dream

January 13 Clean slate : Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who isthe person who lives there?

What is this strange place?
with the colors falling off the walls
a stack of clothes, wrappers lying everywhere,
the bedsheet has been full of stains
as if there had been a murder on it
a noisy laptop is lying on the floor
it seems, it has been powered on since eternity
worn out books occupy the little space
beneath the broken timber bed

who can live here in such a dirty hell
a person who has no will to live? or
for lack of better words, a zombie?
maybe the one who lived here abandoned this place
for the place seems so haunting and lonely

and then from out of no where
someone taps on my shoulders, making me scared,
I look around and I am taken aback,
a wrinkled old man with red burning eyes,
staring at me, as if asking me about my intrusion,
he comes forward and points his gun at me

BANG!! and I wake up with a scream
Oh, it was just a dream but then I realized
my bedroom is the same place I saw in my dreams
maybe the old man was actually me?
So many questions rush through my brain
but then, I take a deep breathe and just go back to sleep,
for it was all just a dream, it was all just a dream.

Day 9 : Fear

January 9 1984 : You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

Haunting faces all around
all those that I have left behind
laughing at me as I shiver uncontrollably
what is there to describe?
when all I see is darkness and no light,
what is there to describe?
when everything I am afraid of
in right in front of my eyes?

How do I find the courage to face
the things I have always ran away from?
I try to peak from in between my eyelids
but the more I try, the more scared I become,
the more I try to become brave,
the more weak and feeble I become.

inside this room devoid of any hopes,
I’ll just close my eyes till they open no more

Day 7 : Try to Smile

January 7 Helpless : Helplessness: that dull, sick feeling of not being the one atthe reins. When did you last feel like that –- and what did you do about it?

I saw the wry smile on your face
still trying to joke about things
but I could see things had changed
your radiant face now had become dull

I could see that you were going away,
not too far away is the day,
I won’t see you anymore,
I won’t hear you anymore,

with a bouquet in my hand,
I try to smile through the tears
trying to show you that I am feeling okay
but you know me better than me
even when you are the one whom
I should be cheering up, you are the one
who is making me giggle mindlessly

I wish I could just hug you so tight

so that it would be hard for you to leave
but it is not in my hand, I cannot stop you,
for you will be going to a place better than this,

But, I hope you would not forget me,

in the beautiful delights of the place above the clouds
And for now, all I can now do is just pray for you,
even though I am shattered and broken
I will just try to smile for you,
I will just try to smile for you.