This too shall pass

This too shall pass,
Yet another assurance to give,
But, still the same old chores.
A mundane soul wanders around,
Buried under mediocrity and overwhelm,
Breathing upon self condolences
That hardly last any long
A search for self peace, becomes
yet another matter of stress.
Never mind the extra burden,
A detour, a short break, little smiles,
Few moments of delight,
But, everything becomes null,
As arrives yet another dreadful night,
For tomorrow anxiously awaits,
The same old mundane routine.
This too shall pass, this too shall pass,
Good night.


Day 37 : {Incomplete Story}

February 6 : Choose your adventure Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.’

In a place, unheard and unseen,
once lived a fairy queen,
with her fragile wings,
her spotless beautiful face,
gliding through the clouds,
singing songs of joy and serenity…

In a place, wretched and wicked,
once lived a devil king,
with his teeth protruding out,
his scary face full of scars,
destroying everything he hates,
spreading havoc everywhere…

unknown of each other’s existence,
in a separate time and space, they lived,
passing their life in their own world,
but, fate always love to twist its tale,
for one unfortunate day, along with the wind,
she drifted far away from her land,
but, how innocent was she,
instead of feeling scared and frustrated,
she kept on singing her beautiful songs,
enjoying her new destiny.

But, how evil, was this twist in fate,
for the land she landed upon,
was the sanctuary of the evil king,
unknown of her future in this evil place,

Anyone who reads this should complete it… if not I’ll complete is at the end of the month…

Day 35 : So Soon

February 4 Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes You need to make a major change in your life. Do you make it all at once, cold turkey style, or incrementally?

When you first saw him,
you knew he was the one for you,
a white Mercedes and an Armani suit,
Ray-Ban on his eyes, perfectly combed hairs,
you fell for me and I could see it in your eyes,
the delight of his looks and money,
had made you fall in love with him instantly,
while, we still went around together,
with you holding my hands as we walked through,
your mind was occupied by him, I could tell that
with your empty nods to my senseless talks,
your sudden reactions to my random snaps,
it was all slowly falling apart, in front of my eyes,
I could see you drifting away from me,
putting aside all the love I was showering upon you,
you needed more than just hollow promises,
you needed more than just warm hugs,
for all the glitter of the dough had blinded you,
for your love for riches stomped over my love for you,
it was only inevitable that one day when I’ll wake up,
I won’t see you sleeping beside me,
but I didn’t knew, that one day,
will come so soon.

Day 34 : Melancholy

February 3 Writing room :
A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

Away from the world, disconnected;
with no sign of any noise
or any other disturbance
with the walls painted pure white
a small window, welcoming the rays of the delightful sun,
an oak wooden desk and a timber arm chair,
a subtle aroma of rose filling up every empty space of the room,
a quill and a classic ink pot,
with cloudy white sheets of paper,
a perfect place that would be,
to spill out all the thoughts that cross my mind
but with all these beauty and positivity,
the ink that will settle on my white paper,
would still scream and wail like a baby,
for no matter where I am, no matter how tranquil the place maybe,
my musings would be only filled with melancholy

Day 15 : Prejudice

January 15 Polite company Its never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you dont really know. Agree or disagree?

In this happy neighbourhood,
once lived a young Muslim boy
innocent and handsome in appearance
Always carrying a radiant smile on his face
withholding no evil whatsoever in his heart
kind with elders and playful with children
still a college student, with high aspirations,
the only son of a young widow mother, the only hope,
her only reason to smile in a pitiful condition,
everything was going around just fine,
from a sad past they both had recovered quite well,

but then, it happened, something no one had imagined,
a plane blew away some famous building of the world,
in chaos and turmoil, emerged the name of few people,
and everything just began to fall apart,
unknown and unrelated to the people who caused the damage,
the boy started to get picked up randomly on the streets,
the people who he had always been helful, began frowning at him,
soon, he was isolated in the midst of the crowd,
being blamed for the things he could had never even thought of,
bullied and beaten, prejudiced and victimized,
from college to neighbourhood, from morning till midnight,
voices of strangers screaming at him, making him feel bad,
feel bad of the crime he never was guilty of,

he was still too young to handle all this depression,
frustration and tension; scared and deserted,
he couldn’t take it anymore, he wasn’t strong enough,
with his mother anxiously knocking the bathroom door,
soaked with blood he fell asleep on the floor
things could had changed, he could had moved somewhere else,
but he decided to move once and for all,
in a attempt to run away from situations,
he did what he shouldn’t had done.

Day 13 : Just a dream

January 13 Clean slate : Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who isthe person who lives there?

What is this strange place?
with the colors falling off the walls
a stack of clothes, wrappers lying everywhere,
the bedsheet has been full of stains
as if there had been a murder on it
a noisy laptop is lying on the floor
it seems, it has been powered on since eternity
worn out books occupy the little space
beneath the broken timber bed

who can live here in such a dirty hell
a person who has no will to live? or
for lack of better words, a zombie?
maybe the one who lived here abandoned this place
for the place seems so haunting and lonely

and then from out of no where
someone taps on my shoulders, making me scared,
I look around and I am taken aback,
a wrinkled old man with red burning eyes,
staring at me, as if asking me about my intrusion,
he comes forward and points his gun at me

BANG!! and I wake up with a scream
Oh, it was just a dream but then I realized
my bedroom is the same place I saw in my dreams
maybe the old man was actually me?
So many questions rush through my brain
but then, I take a deep breathe and just go back to sleep,
for it was all just a dream, it was all just a dream.