Hungry Beggar

Dressed in torn clothes,
With a grimace of the face,
Uttering words of plead,
Roams around the old hungry beggar,
His skin wrapped around his bones,
With hardly any flesh in between.

Asking people for few coins,
So that he can feed himself some food ,
What else can he spend his money for,
A few coins won’t buy him anything,
Summer, winter or rain, everything is the same,
No shelter on his head, no place to reside.

“Why don’t you work? ”
“He’ll spend the money in evil”
Are the remarks of the miserly people,
Who spend their life in comfort and peace ,
Who cannot comprehend what poverty is,
Hiding behind sarcastic remarks,
All they do is save their money,
For who likes to give things for free?

In this world of greed and lust of money,
With a hope to get some pennies;
from the comfortably living wealthy beggars,
Roams around the poor hungry beggar.


The price of being good is to remain silent and suppress your existence. The moment you speak or think for yourself you become bad and selfish.

January 28 : Small Child

January 28 :  Ode to a playground A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

When I used to feel scared
I used to run towards her
hugging her very tight,
sharing with her my fears,
she used to carress my hairs,
and used to tell me “everything is okay”
lifting me up in her arms
singing me sweet lullabies
about heroes and angels,
making me feel so comfortable.

Now she has grown old
and so have I stretched in size
for her I maybe still the same little child,
I, for a few moments, forget about my age,
I hug her like I used to when I was a child,
but more gently for I am afraid
her weak bones won’t able to bear the strain,
for her I maybe still the same little child,
I, for a few moments, forget about my age,

but, then I realize,
she cannot carry me in her arms anymore,
but, then I realize,
for her love I have grown far too old,
but, then I realize,
the truth of the time and sadness of my life
I wish I could shrink in size,
so I could fit in her arms,
I wish I could go back in time
and listen to her beautiful voice
I wish I never grew up
for no matter how much I care for her
I would never be able to pay back
all that love she gave to me
when I was a small child,
afraid of the world.



I somehow know
We will be together someday
But for now, I’ll not think this way
Because every time I do
I yearn more to be close to you
And each time I feel this way
This distance between us
Makes my heart sink a bit more.

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Day 16 : Not Your Friend

January 16 Toot your horn : Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

I am not your friend, dear friend,
But, I am a garderner of the gardens of your life,
Taking care of the delicate moments of your life
nourishing your feelings as they grow,
removing the weeds of sadness from around you,
sometimes your words prick me like a thorn,
often leaving me bleeding with you unaware of it,
but seeing you grow beautifully, makes me forget everything,
I am not your friend, dear friend,
I am a part of you, hidden in a corner of your heart,
and for me, that’s the best thing about me.

Day 10 : Flavors of yours

January 10 : 32 flavors

the sweetness of your love and care
soaks away from my life all the
bitterness of my pains and my pasts
the tangy flavour of your naughty teasing
brings delight in the mundane experiences
of my boring montonous life
the bland feeling I feel, when you get upset
makes me want to go out of my way
and do something nice to bring back the
smile on your face
I am so addicted to all the flavors of yours
without you around, my life would just be
so lifeless and sour

Day 8 : Guiding light

January 8 : Teacher’s pet, Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

In a corner of the room
I sat, scared and shivering,
with people moving around so fast,
I was too slow to keep up,
Convinced myself, that I’ll be stuck forever,
behind people and their successes

but you never let those thoughts dawn over me
with a candle of care in your hands
you slowly lit up the dark room
I had shut myself into
with words full of love and affection
you slowly turned my frown into a smile
you showed me the me I failed to see
tapping my closed wings and teaching me to be free
making me remind that I could fly, too, in the sky

how can I ever thank you for all that you have done
for from nothingness you have made me one