Phillip Hughes

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A dehydrated champion
splashing some water on his face
standing tall amid a fierce attack
killing every deadly blow with beauty
slashing at the low ones, cutting the high ones,
like an artist giving life to his canvas.
an undeniable promise of a bright future
with high hopes and big wings,
gliding through the clouds of success,
yet another day it was, holding strong he was,
one moment of rush and he fell on the ground,
waves of panic and worries flooded all around
with the prayers of the whole world behind
undefeated all his life, he lost his final fight,
but in a much better place, now he resides,
away from all the worries and troubles of this life,
in the hearts of ours he willl always reside,
as a young man with an overdose of talent,
Rest in peace dear young lad,
you’ll forever remain not out at sixty three.


This too shall pass

This too shall pass,
Yet another assurance to give,
But, still the same old chores.
A mundane soul wanders around,
Buried under mediocrity and overwhelm,
Breathing upon self condolences
That hardly last any long
A search for self peace, becomes
yet another matter of stress.
Never mind the extra burden,
A detour, a short break, little smiles,
Few moments of delight,
But, everything becomes null,
As arrives yet another dreadful night,
For tomorrow anxiously awaits,
The same old mundane routine.
This too shall pass, this too shall pass,
Good night.

January 28 : Small Child

January 28 :  Ode to a playground A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

When I used to feel scared
I used to run towards her
hugging her very tight,
sharing with her my fears,
she used to carress my hairs,
and used to tell me “everything is okay”
lifting me up in her arms
singing me sweet lullabies
about heroes and angels,
making me feel so comfortable.

Now she has grown old
and so have I stretched in size
for her I maybe still the same little child,
I, for a few moments, forget about my age,
I hug her like I used to when I was a child,
but more gently for I am afraid
her weak bones won’t able to bear the strain,
for her I maybe still the same little child,
I, for a few moments, forget about my age,

but, then I realize,
she cannot carry me in her arms anymore,
but, then I realize,
for her love I have grown far too old,
but, then I realize,
the truth of the time and sadness of my life
I wish I could shrink in size,
so I could fit in her arms,
I wish I could go back in time
and listen to her beautiful voice
I wish I never grew up
for no matter how much I care for her
I would never be able to pay back
all that love she gave to me
when I was a small child,
afraid of the world.



I somehow know
We will be together someday
But for now, I’ll not think this way
Because every time I do
I yearn more to be close to you
And each time I feel this way
This distance between us
Makes my heart sink a bit more.

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January 19 : My Prized Possession

January 19 Apply yourself :Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.

When I first heard about you
I was excited but scared at the same time
it often made me smile randomly
when I thought how soon,
inside me there would take shape
yet another heart, small and tender.
Days passed and you slowly grew,
I could feel your existence inside me,
that heaviness near my waist
those never ending back pains and
endless sleepless night throwing up
it was all worth it, yes, every bit of it,
for I knew your one look would ease it all,
your gentle kicks used to hurt a lot,
you wanted to break free too,
so was I, so eager to hold you in my arms,
and then you couldn’t take it anymore
you begun to fight me in the inside
searching for a space, a door, an escape,
to free yourself from this liquid cage,
so you did what you did and you found your way,
it took me all my life’s courage to stay put,
to stay conscious and bear this unbearable pain,
you had a hard time and so did I,
but in the end it was all worth it,
you made me experience all kinds of things,
but never for once did I complain,
for I knew, when I’ll see you for the first time,
all of this pain and suffering would just mean nothing,
so beautiful, so gentle, so; so many things,
it is so hard to describe, how beautiful you are,
my beloved daughter; a piece of mine
my most prized possession.

Day 8 : Guiding light

January 8 : Teacher’s pet, Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

In a corner of the room
I sat, scared and shivering,
with people moving around so fast,
I was too slow to keep up,
Convinced myself, that I’ll be stuck forever,
behind people and their successes

but you never let those thoughts dawn over me
with a candle of care in your hands
you slowly lit up the dark room
I had shut myself into
with words full of love and affection
you slowly turned my frown into a smile
you showed me the me I failed to see
tapping my closed wings and teaching me to be free
making me remind that I could fly, too, in the sky

how can I ever thank you for all that you have done
for from nothingness you have made me one

Stares at the Moon

Are you still around?
or have you left without a sound?
I thought you needed some space,
I didn’t know you would move light years ahead.

sitting alone, now, I just look up into the sky
staring at the moon without a blink of an eye
I wonder if you would be doing the same?

for it was these long stares at the moon
that we spent our hundreds of night
cuddling each other tight.