Phillip Hughes

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A dehydrated champion
splashing some water on his face
standing tall amid a fierce attack
killing every deadly blow with beauty
slashing at the low ones, cutting the high ones,
like an artist giving life to his canvas.
an undeniable promise of a bright future
with high hopes and big wings,
gliding through the clouds of success,
yet another day it was, holding strong he was,
one moment of rush and he fell on the ground,
waves of panic and worries flooded all around
with the prayers of the whole world behind
undefeated all his life, he lost his final fight,
but in a much better place, now he resides,
away from all the worries and troubles of this life,
in the hearts of ours he willl always reside,
as a young man with an overdose of talent,
Rest in peace dear young lad,
you’ll forever remain not out at sixty three.


Day 42 : The Best Day of My Life

February 11 : Whoa! What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Amid darkness I took shape
inside a slimy place
with a constant beating noise
the annoying echo of the fluid gushing around
so caught up and constrained,
nothing to see or feel,
in boredom and annoyance I began to kick
hither and thither everyplace I could reach
for days I kept on doing it
till I could finally take it no more

with all my might I began to push
lower and lower as much as I could
struggling through the narrow path
overcoming all the resistance it had
inch by inch I vigorously moved
till finally I could feel a chill on my head
for the first time I was away from all that sticky fluid
all that hard work finally was paying off
as I slowly broke free from the slimy cage
breathing the fresh air of freedom
with a wail of joy I began to cry
amid all the hardship and suffering 
I finally won my long fought war
from the darkness of my mothers womb
I finally stepped into this beautiful world
such a moment it was, such a victory it was,
such a day it was, the best day of my life…
the day was when I was born…

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Day 35 : So Soon

February 4 Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes You need to make a major change in your life. Do you make it all at once, cold turkey style, or incrementally?

When you first saw him,
you knew he was the one for you,
a white Mercedes and an Armani suit,
Ray-Ban on his eyes, perfectly combed hairs,
you fell for me and I could see it in your eyes,
the delight of his looks and money,
had made you fall in love with him instantly,
while, we still went around together,
with you holding my hands as we walked through,
your mind was occupied by him, I could tell that
with your empty nods to my senseless talks,
your sudden reactions to my random snaps,
it was all slowly falling apart, in front of my eyes,
I could see you drifting away from me,
putting aside all the love I was showering upon you,
you needed more than just hollow promises,
you needed more than just warm hugs,
for all the glitter of the dough had blinded you,
for your love for riches stomped over my love for you,
it was only inevitable that one day when I’ll wake up,
I won’t see you sleeping beside me,
but I didn’t knew, that one day,
will come so soon.

Day 20 : Few Chapters

January 20 Breaking the law : Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?

Sins after sins, 
the slave committed,
without any contemplation,
without any remorse,
thinking he will repent,
when his hairs grow grey,
unaware of the reality that
the shadow of death 
always lured around him
he was drowned in enjoyment
negligent and carefree,
as he got struck 
with the sword of death
a bitter surprise and he closed his eyes,
now, forever, will he burn in hell,
for he thought he will repent 
when the old age will come,
but little did he knew that
the chapters in his
book of life were few.

Day 12 : Outside my bedroom door

January 12 Take two Run outside. Take a picture of the first thing you see. Run inside. Take a picture of the second thing you see. Write about the connection between these two people

I stepped outside my comfort zone
to find new people, new friends,
Like a little child, I built around
my imaginations thousands of dreams,
dreams to find someone who I can I call my best friend,

with a throbbing heart,
I moved towards my bedroom door,
with butterflies flying wildly in my stomach
I opened my bedroom door

with a hope to change lonely state of my life
a hope, that rushed out of my life,
as soon as I opened my bedroom door

for the things were same,
whether I was inside or
whether I was outside my bedroom

Before, I was alone confined in between four walls
Now, I am alone under this huge open blue sky.


I admired your words
the eloquence in your writings
captivated my heart
made me dream about you in delight
Maybe that’s how I fell in love
with you

And then, 
when you went far away
I didn’t miss you,
not for a single second,
I missed those profound words
those beautiful little poems of yours…

All these times we were together,
maybe I never loved you,
maybe it were just your words
that I fell in love with…