Day 42 : The Best Day of My Life

February 11 : Whoa! What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Amid darkness I took shape
inside a slimy place
with a constant beating noise
the annoying echo of the fluid gushing around
so caught up and constrained,
nothing to see or feel,
in boredom and annoyance I began to kick
hither and thither everyplace I could reach
for days I kept on doing it
till I could finally take it no more

with all my might I began to push
lower and lower as much as I could
struggling through the narrow path
overcoming all the resistance it had
inch by inch I vigorously moved
till finally I could feel a chill on my head
for the first time I was away from all that sticky fluid
all that hard work finally was paying off
as I slowly broke free from the slimy cage
breathing the fresh air of freedom
with a wail of joy I began to cry
amid all the hardship and suffering 
I finally won my long fought war
from the darkness of my mothers womb
I finally stepped into this beautiful world
such a moment it was, such a victory it was,
such a day it was, the best day of my life…
the day was when I was born…

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I admired your words
the eloquence in your writings
captivated my heart
made me dream about you in delight
Maybe that’s how I fell in love
with you

And then, 
when you went far away
I didn’t miss you,
not for a single second,
I missed those profound words
those beautiful little poems of yours…

All these times we were together,
maybe I never loved you,
maybe it were just your words
that I fell in love with…


I keep on moving ahead
with a wish to leave behind
all the things that hurt
I tread miles after miles
thinking I have moved far away
So then, I look behind
And I feel awe of the great
distance I have traversed
Only to find myself,
Still stuck with same past
But, at a different place.