Winter Delight

The stars fade away,
Welcoming the morning sky.
With the rays of the sun,
Ride along the fluffy clouds.
An air of freshness surrounds the earth,
As the fog slowly moves around.
The sweet chill of the morning breeze
Mixed with the warmth of a hot tea
With the birds chirping everywhere,
A serene way to enter the day.
What a delight to be alive.


What is in your fate, will be in your plate.
It is nothing but a waste of time,
comparing yourself with others,
being happy at their loss;
and sad at their gain.

The price of being good is to remain silent and suppress your existence. The moment you speak or think for yourself you become bad and selfish.

This too shall pass

This too shall pass,
Yet another assurance to give,
But, still the same old chores.
A mundane soul wanders around,
Buried under mediocrity and overwhelm,
Breathing upon self condolences
That hardly last any long
A search for self peace, becomes
yet another matter of stress.
Never mind the extra burden,
A detour, a short break, little smiles,
Few moments of delight,
But, everything becomes null,
As arrives yet another dreadful night,
For tomorrow anxiously awaits,
The same old mundane routine.
This too shall pass, this too shall pass,
Good night.

Day 45 : Mom & Dad

February 14 Cupid’s arrow It’sValentine’sDay sowriteanodetosomeoneorsomething you love. Bonus points for poetry

Everything I want to say
I will never be able to,
For when I am in front of you two
Your love overpowers my feeble feelings
No matter what I may do,
No matter what I may say,
Your one loving gaze at me
Will weigh heavier if put on the scales
It is so strange the way you kill your joys
You shun your wishes and desires
All of it so that I could smile
What good did I do to deserve both of you?
Amid the billions of blessings I am surrounded with,
All praise Be to the merciful Lord,
You both are the most precious one,
How can I write something for you both
For I don’t think my shallow words are befitting your praise
On this silly Valentine’s day,
Where people ignore their roots (parents)
Running behind temporary relationships,
All I want to say is that I love you mom and dad….

Day 44 : Blessings

February 13 Shoulda, woulda, coulda Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.

So many blessings,
the man is blessed with,
yet in his desire to have more,
in his greed to be superior,
in his lust of wealth and fame,
he transgresses all his limits,
in a world where there should
have existed peace and tranquility
we find blood and tyranny
for man has forgotten the blessings
he has been bestowed upon
and all he thinks is to steal
the blessings of others

Disclaimer : I never claimed to be a good poet but lately the poems I write are nothing but trash, I understand it, but that is the whole point of this writing challenge to push myself. The prompts are not meant for Poetry but yet each day I try to write something on these mundane prompts and that for me is something special. Thanks for reading anyways.

Day 37 : {Incomplete Story}

February 6 : Choose your adventure Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.’

In a place, unheard and unseen,
once lived a fairy queen,
with her fragile wings,
her spotless beautiful face,
gliding through the clouds,
singing songs of joy and serenity…

In a place, wretched and wicked,
once lived a devil king,
with his teeth protruding out,
his scary face full of scars,
destroying everything he hates,
spreading havoc everywhere…

unknown of each other’s existence,
in a separate time and space, they lived,
passing their life in their own world,
but, fate always love to twist its tale,
for one unfortunate day, along with the wind,
she drifted far away from her land,
but, how innocent was she,
instead of feeling scared and frustrated,
she kept on singing her beautiful songs,
enjoying her new destiny.

But, how evil, was this twist in fate,
for the land she landed upon,
was the sanctuary of the evil king,
unknown of her future in this evil place,

Anyone who reads this should complete it… if not I’ll complete is at the end of the month…