Day 42 : The Best Day of My Life

February 11 : Whoa! What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Amid darkness I took shape
inside a slimy place
with a constant beating noise
the annoying echo of the fluid gushing around
so caught up and constrained,
nothing to see or feel,
in boredom and annoyance I began to kick
hither and thither everyplace I could reach
for days I kept on doing it
till I could finally take it no more

with all my might I began to push
lower and lower as much as I could
struggling through the narrow path
overcoming all the resistance it had
inch by inch I vigorously moved
till finally I could feel a chill on my head
for the first time I was away from all that sticky fluid
all that hard work finally was paying off
as I slowly broke free from the slimy cage
breathing the fresh air of freedom
with a wail of joy I began to cry
amid all the hardship and suffering 
I finally won my long fought war
from the darkness of my mothers womb
I finally stepped into this beautiful world
such a moment it was, such a victory it was,
such a day it was, the best day of my life…
the day was when I was born…

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January 19 : My Prized Possession

January 19 Apply yourself :Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.

When I first heard about you
I was excited but scared at the same time
it often made me smile randomly
when I thought how soon,
inside me there would take shape
yet another heart, small and tender.
Days passed and you slowly grew,
I could feel your existence inside me,
that heaviness near my waist
those never ending back pains and
endless sleepless night throwing up
it was all worth it, yes, every bit of it,
for I knew your one look would ease it all,
your gentle kicks used to hurt a lot,
you wanted to break free too,
so was I, so eager to hold you in my arms,
and then you couldn’t take it anymore
you begun to fight me in the inside
searching for a space, a door, an escape,
to free yourself from this liquid cage,
so you did what you did and you found your way,
it took me all my life’s courage to stay put,
to stay conscious and bear this unbearable pain,
you had a hard time and so did I,
but in the end it was all worth it,
you made me experience all kinds of things,
but never for once did I complain,
for I knew, when I’ll see you for the first time,
all of this pain and suffering would just mean nothing,
so beautiful, so gentle, so; so many things,
it is so hard to describe, how beautiful you are,
my beloved daughter; a piece of mine
my most prized possession.