Writers Block Challenge



First things first, this is not an “Improve your writing skills” challenge. It is more of a “Start to write again” challenge. The challenges I have put forth are relatively simple but when people have a writer’s block it is difficult to come up with even a single line. So do not look at the challenge and skip it thinking it is too easy because chances are you might not even able to write 10 lines out of it.

Things to Remember

–       If you are someone who is struggling to write lately then please do not compare your current writings (which you will write in this challenge) with your past poems because it will only make you feel sad. People give up writing because of it. Don’t do that mistake.

–       Take it easy upon you. Don’t worry about the grammar, the structure, the rhyme, the flow. Just write. You can always edit things later. Always remember it. When you write, just go on writing and do not worry about anything. Let the words flow without interruption.

–       Keep the poems/writings. No matter how bad they look, do not delete any of the poems/writings you write in this challenge.

–       Don’t worry about continuation. Do not make it an obligation upon you to write each day. This challenge was meant to ease things not stress you out. But make sure you take each and every challenge.

–       Whenever you are writing any of it, make sure you have no other things on your mind. You must be relaxed to be able to channel your thoughts.

Day 1 : Take a piece of paper and a pen. Just write down anything and everything that comes on your mind.

Day 2 : Write down 25 of your favorite words. Try writing a simple poem out of them. Try to accommodate as many of your favorite words as you can.

Day 3 : Write a poem about how was your day today? [or] how you are going to spend your day?

Day 4 : Read one of the poems of your favorite author and summarize it in your own words.

Day 5 : Write about your best friend and how you feel about them. (send them the poem, they will feel good)

Day 6 : Read your Day 1 scribbling and try to make a poem out of it. (Comprehend)

Day 7 : Relax. It is a rest day. Have a cup of your favorite beverage and read some poems of your favorite poet or author.

Day 8 : Pick a poem you read yesterday and write a sequel/reply to it.

Day 9 : Write a letter to your mom/dad/both. Show them some love.

Day 10 : Write a poem about yourself. How you feel about yourself.  Let the feelings flow.

Day 11 : Take a stroll in a garden or down the street. Observe things. Watch them. Sit in a quiet place and start writing as much as you can about all that you saw/are seeing.

Day 12 : Read your yesterdays writing and try to make a short story out of it. Add characters, name things. Do whatever you wish. Do not worry if the story doesn’t make any sense (Mr. Dustbin looked sad yesterday)

Day 13 :  Remember the last time you laughed a lot? Write about it, add some spice, and make it funny.

Day 14 : Rest day again. Just do whatever you want. Take your mind away from writing.

Day 15 : Pick one of your old poems and rewrite it with a different mood. Like if you had written a happy poem, make it sad. If you had written a sad poem, make it happy.

Day 16 : Write about a thing that is bothering you. Make your words your best friend and share your feelings with it. (Don’t worry if your pages get wet by tears, those tear stains will only help you feel better)

Day 17 :  Write about that one impossible wish you have in life. Describe it in vivid details.

Day 18 : Write about a person from the past you miss a lot but it is now not possible to be with them anymore.

Day 19 : Write about your dream spouse. How you wish them to be, (if you are married then write about your spouse. Try to see their positive side and make them feel good about themselves)

Day 20 : Write about your life till now. Is it messed up? Is it the way you want it to be? Where is it heading? (This is not the same as Day 10. It is about your life not you)

Day 21 : Rest day. Read the poem about your life you wrote yesterday and try to see if there are things you need improvements. Write it if you wish.

Day 22 : Go out and help someone. Make them smile. Write about how you felt when you see them smile because of you (don’t worry if your eyes get wet)

Day 23 :  Write about your role model. How they inspire you. Anything about them.

Day 24 : Write about the thing you fear the most. Let the words should reflect your fear.

Day 25 : Write about All the little things that make you happy. No matter if it is eating a candy that makes you happy, write about it.

Day 26 : Write about a grudge you are holding for someone. Let the grudge end today with your words. Liberate your heart from this burden.

Day 27 : Write about your childhood and how silly you were. What were your dreams. Who were your friends. It should look like an essay written by a child.

Day 28 : Write about how you want people to remember you after you die.

Day 29 :  Write about this challenge. If it sucks then let out your anger. If it doesn’t then let out how you feel and did it in anyway help you to connect the dots.

Day 30 : Rest day and the last day. Just go through all the poems/writings you wrote all these days. Edit any poem if you wish. Be Happy that you wrote all of these. Celebrate it. Give yourself a treat. Feel good about your writing and be grateful that you have this amazing gift of words.

I hope this helps. Take Care.


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