Day 27 : Since her birth

January 27  Sliced bread :  Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!” What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?

Well I am kinda blank with this prompt, so excuse my “sorry” attempt on this one.

She was broken, torn apart, lifeless
and all the sad things you could
think in this world, was the condition,
she was going through.
Afraid, of any kind of nearness or touch,
she was living in a haunting nightmare,
awake, yet in those dark dreams,
the tragedy, in her brain, kept on repeating,
she had shunned away everyone, even her dad,
the only guy she blindly trusted and loved,
but, he wasn’t from those who give up easily,
he wasn’t those who would blame their daughters
for things which they couldn’t control,
he wasn’t ready to let her past steal her present,
each day, he would bring her a new present,
a new ray of hope, a new reason to smile,
She kept on resisting her emotions,
but he kept on being persistent in his goal,
the sole aim of his aging life,
days passed by, and so did months,
but he kept on trying without missing a single day,
when everyone around him had given up the hope,
he tried once more, walked few more miles,
and then, one fine day, he too slipped,
not in his goals, not in his desire, but on a banana peel,
flat bottom, with the mango juice all over his clothes,
but before he could feel his broken bones,
he felt something else, something that made him cry,
cry of joy, for he saw her daughter laugh out loud,
like a butterfly that broke her cocoon, she looked beautiful,
like a dream come true, with wet eyes, he kept on staring at her,
staring at her smile, for him, the best feeling in the world,
under a sigh of relief, he murmured few beautiful words,
your smile is the best thing that happened to me since your birth.


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