Cold breaths erupt from the heavy heart
Weight of the world lies upon the shoulder
Million and one things tire the little brain

Blank faces show volumes of feelings
So much of open space around
Yet the world seems so constrained

on pieces of broken glass
falls beams of dreams
scattering all around the place,
searching for a crevice to dwell.



What is the value of Human life?
For selfish interests of few,
Millions of lives are sacrificed.
In the name of Religion and
In the name of World Peace;
In the name of Countering Terrorists and
In the name keeping safe the boundaries
All of it is alike, all of it is a crime,
For millions of children till now
Have been massacred,
What harm did they cause?
For millions of women till now
Have been raped and killed,
What chauvinism have you proved? 
Different names they wrap around
These inhumane acts of destruction
But they all lead to a similar end.
What have they achieved with power?
What have they achieved with Money?
What is the value of Human life?
Is there any answer to it?