The Dying Star

The star is slowly dying
drifting away from the moon

 all his life he wished
for some attention from the moon
all his life he tried to shine
as brightly as it could
to outshine the others stars
that surrounded the moon

but now, as his life ends,
he regrets the time he spent
trying to please someone
who, for all his life, was
unaware of his presence
Around him.



Why should I compare myself with you
when your words have different meanings
when your heart beats at different beat
How long have I lived in your shadow?
thriving to shine like you, high, up and above,
while completely ignoring my flickering light,
flickering because of my lack of care and validation,
Why should I be depressed seeing your success
when our ladders to climb above are different
when our destinations and the roads we took are different
How long have I taken to realize this?

New Year

Yet another year has gone by
there is nothing to look back
even if I would, all I would find is
half hearted resolutions and
broken self promises.

Nothing is going to change in 2k14
The same old routine will follow by
from morning till evening in a single monotone,
everything will just remain the same
except my body will age and
my soul would decay even more.

It maybe a new year for the world
but for me it is just another
change of my wall calender.


You feel like,
you are the victim
and I am the player

You feel like,
you are the one hurt
and I am the one happy

You feel and you deduce,
all that you see on my face,
and that is why you keep
making the same mistake

My heart, just like yours,
is not free from pain
but my face, unlike yours,
has stopped reacting
to what my heart says.