Day 45 : Mom & Dad

February 14 Cupid’s arrow It’sValentine’sDay sowriteanodetosomeoneorsomething you love. Bonus points for poetry

Everything I want to say
I will never be able to,
For when I am in front of you two
Your love overpowers my feeble feelings
No matter what I may do,
No matter what I may say,
Your one loving gaze at me
Will weigh heavier if put on the scales
It is so strange the way you kill your joys
You shun your wishes and desires
All of it so that I could smile
What good did I do to deserve both of you?
Amid the billions of blessings I am surrounded with,
All praise Be to the merciful Lord,
You both are the most precious one,
How can I write something for you both
For I don’t think my shallow words are befitting your praise
On this silly Valentine’s day,
Where people ignore their roots (parents)
Running behind temporary relationships,
All I want to say is that I love you mom and dad….


Day 44 : Blessings

February 13 Shoulda, woulda, coulda Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.

So many blessings,
the man is blessed with,
yet in his desire to have more,
in his greed to be superior,
in his lust of wealth and fame,
he transgresses all his limits,
in a world where there should
have existed peace and tranquility
we find blood and tyranny
for man has forgotten the blessings
he has been bestowed upon
and all he thinks is to steal
the blessings of others

Disclaimer : I never claimed to be a good poet but lately the poems I write are nothing but trash, I understand it, but that is the whole point of this writing challenge to push myself. The prompts are not meant for Poetry but yet each day I try to write something on these mundane prompts and that for me is something special. Thanks for reading anyways.

Day 43 : One Fine Day

February 12 : All about you : Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

When sadness consumes you,
your eyes become blind to happiness around you,
in pain and suffering you live,
with each passing day, you die a little bit more,
each morning sun ray, makes your body decay a bit more,
for in a state of grief you are drowned,
burdened by the shadows of the past,
regretting the mistakes that bite your conscious,
sucking every last bit of life from your soul….

in a need to break free, in a need to free myself,
in search for an escape, spilling everything I have held back,
in an attempt to live again, feel my heartbeat again,
I have embarked upon this journey of my own
a never ending travel, for now it seems,
but I strongly believe that one fine day,
my outside will truly reflect my inside,
one fine day, my heart would laugh,
without faking a moment of joy,
one fine day, I will come out of this pain,
I will come out of this vicious fire of my Melancholy.

Day 42 : The Best Day of My Life

February 11 : Whoa! What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Amid darkness I took shape
inside a slimy place
with a constant beating noise
the annoying echo of the fluid gushing around
so caught up and constrained,
nothing to see or feel,
in boredom and annoyance I began to kick
hither and thither everyplace I could reach
for days I kept on doing it
till I could finally take it no more

with all my might I began to push
lower and lower as much as I could
struggling through the narrow path
overcoming all the resistance it had
inch by inch I vigorously moved
till finally I could feel a chill on my head
for the first time I was away from all that sticky fluid
all that hard work finally was paying off
as I slowly broke free from the slimy cage
breathing the fresh air of freedom
with a wail of joy I began to cry
amid all the hardship and suffering 
I finally won my long fought war
from the darkness of my mothers womb
I finally stepped into this beautiful world
such a moment it was, such a victory it was,
such a day it was, the best day of my life…
the day was when I was born…

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Day 41 : The Wrong Class

February 10 Teachable moment You have to learn a new skill. Do you prefer to read about it, watch someone else do it, hear someone describe it, or try it yourself?

I never knew “What love was?”
until we became close friends,
those long phone calls piling up my bill,
those endless conversations in the coffee shop,
everything seemed so innocent, so pure,
unaware of the turmoil in my heart,
you had share all your secrets with me,
how beautiful you looked with those tears in your eyes,
your sparkling teeth when you laughed out loud,
everything about you was just so perfect,

I never knew “What a heartbreak is?”
until I proposed you, shed my feelings in front of you,
that look on your face of shock and disgust,
your empty eyes staring at me, as if interogating me,
my love; a breach of trust it was for you,
even that day, you had tears in your eyes,
but it didn’t make you look beautiful anymore,
for my eyes were wet and everything looked so hazy,
I didn’t knew, a confession would end our relation,
for had I known the consequences, I would had stayed quiet,
in my heart would had burned forever the desires,

I realized my mistake bit too late,
for now, my phone bills are nothing more than monthly charges,
the sips of coffee hardly last for a minute too long,
everything now seems just so dull and mundane,
in a flash, within few minutes, everything was just lost,
I thought I had learned “What is love?”,
but I guess, I had enrolled in the wrong class.

Day 40 : Cycle of life

February 9 Childhood revisted Sure,you turned out pretty good,but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?

An innocent journey it is
When we first start to crawl
Those surprising moments
When we see things for the first time
That care and love of our parents
With a sense of security and solace
The world seems such a peaceful place

Slowly but surely our clothes become small
The things which made us excited look exciting no more
Same old rooms, same old sun and the moon,
Everything starts to look mundane and dull

Few years pass by and we begin falling in love
Those shy stares and secret gazes,
A heavily pumping heart and sweaty palms
With few sleepless nights, a heart break and a lot of tears,
We grow out through this phase too,

While we are still wondering about the future
We graduate and get placed in a high paying job
13 hours a day toiling hard and living a monotonous life
No joy, no adventure, just a boring job,
Whilst we notice the first grey hair,
We celebrate our first wedding anniversary, how did all of this happen so fast, we wonder?

Lost in thoughts we are snapped back to reality
With the loud wailing of our first child
As we see him grow we get reminded of those lovely days
When we found excitement seeing the sun slowly coloring the sky
What a beautiful phase of life that was,
Reminiscing all those pleasant memories we sigh,

Soon our child would grow just like we do,
As we’ll watch all thks from a corner
Resting all day in our rocking arm chair, Waiting for the day we’ll be wrapped in our shroud
Away from all the people we love
To a place where there would be no light to see anymore.

Day 39 : The day of terror

February 8 : Karma chameleon :Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

Promised to us humans,
is the day of Resurrection,
the day when the accounts will be settled,
from dust, bones, ashes and no matter,
what form a man would had been decomposed,
he will be recomposed into one body,
the way he was while he was alive.

in front of his Lord he will appear,
trembling like a baby lamb,
for his books of deeds would be wide open,
all the deeds he did on the earth,
will appear one by one, whether public or hidden,
not a single detail would be left out,

how terrifying the atmosphere would be,
when the liar wouldn’t be able to lie,
the oppressor wouldn’t be able to oppress,
every soul shall taste the outcome of his sins,
every soul shall find his final abode,
a place where he shall live forever,

what a day it would be, full of terror,
but only for those who wronged their own souls,
for the one who lived upon the commandments of his lord,
shall find a place of rest,
that no eyes have seen,
no ears have heard of and no mind has thought of,
how beautiful will be the reward of those who were righteous,
of those who feared their Lord.