Phillip Hughes

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A dehydrated champion
splashing some water on his face
standing tall amid a fierce attack
killing every deadly blow with beauty
slashing at the low ones, cutting the high ones,
like an artist giving life to his canvas.
an undeniable promise of a bright future
with high hopes and big wings,
gliding through the clouds of success,
yet another day it was, holding strong he was,
one moment of rush and he fell on the ground,
waves of panic and worries flooded all around
with the prayers of the whole world behind
undefeated all his life, he lost his final fight,
but in a much better place, now he resides,
away from all the worries and troubles of this life,
in the hearts of ours he willl always reside,
as a young man with an overdose of talent,
Rest in peace dear young lad,
you’ll forever remain not out at sixty three.


Day 43 : One Fine Day

February 12 : All about you : Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

When sadness consumes you,
your eyes become blind to happiness around you,
in pain and suffering you live,
with each passing day, you die a little bit more,
each morning sun ray, makes your body decay a bit more,
for in a state of grief you are drowned,
burdened by the shadows of the past,
regretting the mistakes that bite your conscious,
sucking every last bit of life from your soul….

in a need to break free, in a need to free myself,
in search for an escape, spilling everything I have held back,
in an attempt to live again, feel my heartbeat again,
I have embarked upon this journey of my own
a never ending travel, for now it seems,
but I strongly believe that one fine day,
my outside will truly reflect my inside,
one fine day, my heart would laugh,
without faking a moment of joy,
one fine day, I will come out of this pain,
I will come out of this vicious fire of my Melancholy.

Day 42 : The Best Day of My Life

February 11 : Whoa! What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Amid darkness I took shape
inside a slimy place
with a constant beating noise
the annoying echo of the fluid gushing around
so caught up and constrained,
nothing to see or feel,
in boredom and annoyance I began to kick
hither and thither everyplace I could reach
for days I kept on doing it
till I could finally take it no more

with all my might I began to push
lower and lower as much as I could
struggling through the narrow path
overcoming all the resistance it had
inch by inch I vigorously moved
till finally I could feel a chill on my head
for the first time I was away from all that sticky fluid
all that hard work finally was paying off
as I slowly broke free from the slimy cage
breathing the fresh air of freedom
with a wail of joy I began to cry
amid all the hardship and suffering 
I finally won my long fought war
from the darkness of my mothers womb
I finally stepped into this beautiful world
such a moment it was, such a victory it was,
such a day it was, the best day of my life…
the day was when I was born…

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I somehow know
We will be together someday
But for now, I’ll not think this way
Because every time I do
I yearn more to be close to you
And each time I feel this way
This distance between us
Makes my heart sink a bit more.

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Day 18 : Space Wet Happiness

January 18 Free association Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . . home. . . soil. . . rain. Use those words in the title of your post.

Space Wet Happiness

In a corner of my room,
in between dreams and fantasies,
living alone and happily,
often giggling at my own jokes,
with a notebook and a pen,
jotting all the things I know,
often pondering about past
thinking of all the things
that made my eyes wet
and let me with heavy feelings
but, I have learned my lessons
freeing myself from the shackles
that tied me in cage of miseries
none of it matters anymore
for my wings have finally grown
gliding between the clouds of present
racing with the birds of my dreams
chasing that one blissful destination
in this little secluded space of mine
treasuring all the happiness and joys
that could be found in the world.

Day 16 : Not Your Friend

January 16 Toot your horn : Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

I am not your friend, dear friend,
But, I am a garderner of the gardens of your life,
Taking care of the delicate moments of your life
nourishing your feelings as they grow,
removing the weeds of sadness from around you,
sometimes your words prick me like a thorn,
often leaving me bleeding with you unaware of it,
but seeing you grow beautifully, makes me forget everything,
I am not your friend, dear friend,
I am a part of you, hidden in a corner of your heart,
and for me, that’s the best thing about me.

Day 10 : Flavors of yours

January 10 : 32 flavors

the sweetness of your love and care
soaks away from my life all the
bitterness of my pains and my pasts
the tangy flavour of your naughty teasing
brings delight in the mundane experiences
of my boring montonous life
the bland feeling I feel, when you get upset
makes me want to go out of my way
and do something nice to bring back the
smile on your face
I am so addicted to all the flavors of yours
without you around, my life would just be
so lifeless and sour